Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Reviews!!

How is the summer treating you? Do you read more during the summer or less? So far for me it has been so much less this time around with my husband graduating with his masters and my sister getting married, plans go to Spain in September for a visit to my parents....you know all fun stuff, but still completely distracting. Happy reading peeps!

Here is the Mr. Linky for July, where you can post your links to the reviews you have written the month for the OT challenges. I am going to post one mr. linky for all of the OT challenges so make sure that you specify in your review what challenge (or challenges if there is overlap) you are posting the review for.

Be sure to include the nation of origin (or where he/she resides or resided or if you are choosing to go with where the author was born) of the author, as well as the title of the book. For example: (Absent by Khedairi- Iraq)or (Half of a Yellow Sun - Nigeria)

Make sure you head over to each other's reviews to comment! We all love comments :)

Mr. Linky (where you put your links) is down right now, just post the url to your review, along with Country,Author, Book in the comments. THANKS!