Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who am I? Guessing Game for a book!!!

Time for a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

I am going to copy what Richard did for his giveaway and give one clue each day until the book is figured out. I want you to guess the author and the book in order to win.

I will just edit this post with a new clue daily until someone gets it!!


1.) International fiction writer.
2.) The writer is Female.
3.) She is from California.
4.) Born to first generation immigrants.
5.) Won the National Book Award

HAVE FUN PLAYING, You may guess in the comments to win, but I will only answer yes or no. Enjoy!
(you must be a part of the Orbis Terrarum Challenger to play)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Reviews!!

Hey international traveler peeps!
So this is our 6th month, and so you should be working on your 6th book in August.

To add in a little excitement I have a great book to giveaway this month. It is one of my favourite reads, so stay in touch.

Post your reviews in the comments, Mr Linky is still down, I think I will give up on it.

Be sure to include the nation of origin (or where he/she resides or resided or if you are choosing to go with where the author was born) of the author, as well as the title of the book. For example: (Absent by Khedairi- Iraq)or (Half of a Yellow Sun - Nigeria)

Make sure you head over to each other's reviews to comment! We all love comments :)

Enjoy your reading travels.

EDIT: Mister Linky is BACK!! Just when I had given up! :)