Tuesday, March 31, 2009

National Poetry Month! Want to join in?


April is National poetry month and I wanted to be sure and mention it so that you'd each have a chance to bust out some good international poetry to read. We have the good Orbis Terrarum Poetry Mini Challenge and this would be a great month to focus on that if you are signed up. That is what I am going to do at least. (although any other month would be great too :)

Katrina gave us this good little tid bit:
For people that want to read 5 different poems, On this page. Their are audio's of all the poems we study in England for GCSE's the poems specifically have to come from a different culture. Copies of each poem are easily found on line as well if you google the title.

What international poets are you going to read for this Poetry Mini-Challenge??


bethany said...

I am for sure going to read my faveourite poet again, Rainer Maria Rilke! I Have his book of selected poems. After that...well I am hoping you all give some good suggestions :)

Hedgie said...

For those who possess additional courage (not to mention endurance), there's also NaPoWriMo or National Poetry Writing Month. Simple, really -- write a poem a day for 30 days.

Tea said...

I would love to read International Poetry for Poetry Month. My mind is blank. Where shall I begin? Hmmmm.

bethany said...

hedgie- thanks so much!! I am all joined up and wrote my first poem today!! :)

Tea- Yes, I know what you mean. An anthology from the library is always a good place to start!