Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update!!! (and help request)

1.)Oh, and I now have the links up for the challenges and mini-challenges. Make sure to add your link in if you are interested in participating. Add your link to each individual challenge that you are interested in.

2.)I am wondering if I should stagger the mini-challenges or just do them throughout the whole time of the main challenge. Any thoughts? I was thinking 4 months for each, with some overlap....but we could just leave them open the whole time.

3.) would anyone be interested in helping me compile the book links?? There are so many. I have done quite a few, but I need help. Email me if you are interested. (the task would be going to the link page we had from last year and helping me orgnize the links you all left for us to check out by country.) The more of you that would want to help the less we'd all have to do.

Thanks so much for your input!!!


Tammy said...

I'd like to help with the book links!

Corinne said...

I can help with book links too, friend. Email me.

Anonymous said...

I am participating in this challenge for the first time and I wasn't around the book blogs when it started last year, so i am not exactly sure what I am doing by even participating, lol.

It will be less work for you if you keep the mini-challenges open throughout.

The Holistic Knitter said...

Keep the mini-challenges oppen please.
I could help with the links too if you need more help ;0)